10 Amazing Facts About Back Benchers That Will Blow Your Mind!

Classrooms hold innumerable memories for us. We saw all kinds of people – but the most intriguing ones of the lot were the back benchers. Everyone would wonder what these last bench kids did, and why the teachers were always suspicious of them. Being a back bencher myself, I think it’s because they couldn’t handle the awesomeness that we, the last benchers, brought to the class.

It is difficult to explain in words what was so epic about the back bench, but if you can relate to these points, you surely are a back-bencher at heart:

1 Back Benchers are always teacher’s first target.

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2 The moment the teacher left class, Back Benchers were the first one to start making noise.

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3 Back Benchers were the first one to be thrown out of the class.

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4 Back Benchers entire gang assembled on the last bench during lunch time.

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5 Back Benchers sneakily ate in the middle of the class.

6 Back Benchers desk was like an open notebook. All important names, dates and things were written on it.

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7 Cheating for Back Benchers during exams was an adventure.

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8 The unity that the back-benchers had was stronger than any other bond.

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9 Whenever there is an unusual noise in the class, everyone look towards Back Benchers.

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10 Back Benchers were perfect in sleeping during lectures.


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Once a backbencher, always a backbencher.

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