We are in an age of immense technological advancement. The advances are happening at such a dizzyingly fast pace that we are left with little time to process, contemplate, or analyze them or come to terms with what they mean to us or our future.Therefore, CISTHETA is presenting facts about Artificial Intelligence that will surely blow your mind!

1. IBM’s supercomputer, Summit, can calculate in just one second what would take you six billion years to finish. Even if every single person on the planet worked at one calculation per second, it would take 305 days to do the same number of calculations.

2. There is an artificial intelligence program designed by Nvidia’s engineers that can create realistic photos of people, none of whom actually exist in real life.

3. In 2017, Facebook created two AI chatbots that talk to each other, but they had to be shut down because they began making up their own language to communicate after finding English less efficient.

4. There is an artificial intelligence program that is capable of distinguishing authentic Jackson Pollock’s paintings from faked ones with a 93% accuracy.


5. Facebook‘s new AI program DeepFace is almost as good as humans at recognizing people in photographs. While humans are correct 97.53% of the time, DeepFace is correct 97.25% of the time, only a fraction of a percent behind us.

6. Adrian Thompson, a researcher at the University of Sussex, let a computer program a chip, and it turned out to be highly efficient although the inner workings of which are almost impossible to understand.


7. By tracking your eye movements, artificial intelligence can predict your personality and determine which of the four “Big Five personality traits” you have.

8. According to a Google AI bot, the purpose of living is “to live forever.”

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