5 Reasons Why Every Indian Should Watch Marvel’s Upcoming Movie Thor Ragnarok!

On November 3, Indian fans will finally get to see the latest offering of Marvel Comics. The third part of Thor’s standalone series titled Thor: Ragnarok will release.

The Marvel cinematic universe is ever expanding just like our galaxy and there are various sitcoms, web series, comics and other films featuring various superheroes that will meet one way or the other in Avengers: Infinity War. For the time being, the audiences are simply wowed by the Trailer that shows 2 of the mightiest heroes clashing, the colorful visuals and the 80s heavy metal music. Here are 5 Reasons Why Every Indian Should Watch Marvel’s Upcoming Movie Thor Ragnarok:

Ragnarok- The trailer leaves the question of what exactly is Ragnarok? Ragnarok is an important event in Norse mythology where the world comes to an end, a lot of people die, there are floods everywhere, same as 2012 sort of prediction. Thereafter, a new and fresh start for a new population will happen.

Thor’s Hammer- Thor’s hammer is broken into pieces by the villain Hela in the trailer and it will be interesting to see how the God Of Thunder is able to save Asgard without his prized possession. We do get to see Thor himself acting as a medium for Thunder in the trailer and it seems like we’ll see a new superpower where Thor won’t exactly be requiring a hammer.

Thor and Loki- The film is said to be one of the freshest Marvel films in years and a major reason for that is the incredible on-screen chemistry between Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as the warring brothers Thor and Loki. The scenes are amazing to watch and Loki’s mischievousness is balanced by Thor’s deadpan delivery. As 2 guys who are always at the opposite end of the spectrum and are forced to team up, scores of laughter are a given.

Hela– Marvel’s films have always been criticised for not having a strong enough villain who could be a formidable opponent to their superheroes. Since Loki in The Avengers, all of the Marvel villains in subsequent films have been weak. Thor: Ragnarok changes that and we see one of the best villains in Marvel Universe in Cate Blanchett’s Hela, the goddess of death.

The Hulk- Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk has always been the scene stealer in all the movies he has been a part of. The audiences simply love to see their favorite professor turn into an angry green  Monster and smashing things in 3-D.