5 Reasons To Say No To Firecrackers This Diwali!

By no stretch of imagination can Diwali be placed next to crackers, but a large fragment of Indians unbelievably believe so. But does it ever cross our mind  why CRACKERS ARE A STRICT NO in Diwali, let us read further to know more:

Burning Crackers = Burning Money

Crackers burn a hole in the pocket . A hefty amount of money goes watered down by the futile thought of attaching crackers to Diwali celebrations. For majority of population of India Diwali corresponds merely to crackers.

We think thrice before giving something to a poor person on the footpath for measly Rs10/- but do not think even once before splurging on crackers for so called Fun. Remember, Diwali is a pious occasion, not, a noise making competition. This mistaken beleif voices for a change this Diwali.

Diwali is a Nightmare for pet dogs

While we may be swept by the colors of the festivity and relishing every moment with our loved ones , Diwali is a horror to the pets. Understand that the loud sounds may scare them and they may behave uncontrolably  akimbo, go berserk, drool or even bite somebody. Moreover the spark of the crackers may burn the soft fur of the pet dogs.The pet dog may slip into depression as well.

Increased Heartbeat in Heart Patients

The loud noise from the crackers escalates the heart beat of the heart patients and at times, can be fatal with a resultant heart attack .

Let us behave responsibly this Diwali.

Burst ego, not crackers

It is better for you to burst your ego than burst crackers this Diwali.You should take the initiative and tell your parents that you are happy without crackers.

Air Pollution

Asthma patients bear the brunt of the idiocy of the people engaged in the cracker burning.If our pleasure is at the expense of someone’s suffering, then we better cease such pleasure without a second thought or we must question whether we deserve to be called humans. Let us not behave recklessly this Diwali.