7 Coolest Benefits of Smoking You Really Need To Know

Today is World No-Tobacco Day! So today many non-smokers are going to motivate their smokers hubbies to quit smoking. And may be you are also thinking that we should also motivate people to quit smoking, but in this blog we are telling the benefits of smoking.

Why? because we are dumb and stupid and we are promoting smoking on World No-Tobacco Day. So shame on us! 

Actually no! being a smoker, I know how hard it is to quit smoking because the nicotine that presents in cigarette is the most addictive drug. When you have enough amount of Nicotine in your lungs, you can’t win over it for a long time.  It gives you craving, headache and depression and many more, if you try to get rid off it. So, may be many smokers like me already had tried to quit but can’t win over it.

Today on the occasion of World No-Tobacco Day, many smokers like me feeling ashamed because according to the people,” we have been destroying our lives by taking this small poison”. Therefore, I came up with some funny and cool benefits of smoking. As Nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs, which means that it must have a positive effect. If there were no positive side effects, there would be no one who smoked. Let’s keep calm and enjoy the following benefits of smoking:-


Smoking improves our digestion. As Nicotine is a very effective stimulant. But, it’s better to go for ENO rather than cigarette.

It also improves our concentration. Therefore, people smoke more during exams and at some difficult work. But, don’t think that doing smoking helps you to clear JEE and NEET. You have to study on your own.

Nicotine increases levels of dopamine, glutamate and endorphins in the brain, giving the smoker pleasant feelings, enhancing the connections between nerves in the brain and causing smokers to associate smoking with enjoyable rituals, particularly completion ones (after food, after sex).

Keeps judgmental people far away. This is one of my biggest reasons I started, because my ex girlfriend is just such a person. If you want to keep people like that away, smoking is for you.

Tobacco smoke repels insects, because nicotine is a natural pesticide. Bug bites are much less likely, because it stays in your blood stream. If you are living in a humid area with mosquito problems, smoking is for you.

Smoking reduces our hunger due to which, it is beneficial in weight loss.

It also has a society advantage, people have mentality that the one’s who smoke are matured and more likely to be calm.

Believe me! like me…many other smokers also don’t want to smoke, but not everyone is a warrior. So, it’s better to accept the reality. People need to understand that smoking is injurious to health, people who smoke are not. Imagine you don’t smoke and don’t drink but still you manage to go to hell because you judge people who do. 

Don’t judge people who smoke!!