7 Facts About THANOS You Need To Know Before Watching Avengers: Infinity War

Ever since The Avengers premiered in 2012, every moment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far has been leading to one ultimate conclusion—the introduction of Thanos. In the comic book world, Thanos is among Marvel’s coolest and most popular bad guys.

Looking at his history from the comic books, we know much, much more about him though. So, here at CisTheta Global we thought it was high time we presented the 7 Facts About Thanos You Need To Know Before Watching Avengers: Infinity War!

1. Thanos is in love with death, literally

Thanos has spent so much of his time invested in the destruction of the multiverse that he’s fallen in love with Death. No, seriously. He’s fallen in love with the embodiment of Death(Lady Death), often depicted as a human woman who rules over the afterlife.

2. Thanos Has a Subconscious Desire to Lose

Thanos has a desire to lose against his foes. That’s why he travel through the galaxy and fight creatures. It’s the only way for him to get killed and meet his love Lady Death once more.

3. Thanos Killed His Family

As his powers grew, so did his ambition for conquest and destruction. Thanos stole one of his people’s starships and travelled the cosmos searching for mercenaries and malcontents for a large private army. Amassing a small fleet, he dropped nuclear bombs on his home world of Titan, killing thousands of people, including his mother Sui-San. He declared himself the ruler of what remained of Titan.

4. Thanos is an Eternal From Titan, Born with Deviant Syndrome.

A lot of Thanos’ power comes from being born as an Eternal on the planet Titan. However, while most of Titan’s inhabitants mostly resembled humans, Thanos was born with a condition called the Deviant Syndrome that significantly altered his appearance. He is the only member of his family covered in grey skin.

5. Thanos can easily obliterate half of the universe in an instant

Once Thanos accomplished his goal of gathering all of the Infinity Stones, no one knew what he would do first. All they knew is that it would be something huge—and Thanos surely didn’t disappoint. In one of Thanos’s most noteworthy accomplishments to date, he simply snapped his fingers and erased half of the life in the entire universe just to test the reach of his newfound power.

6. Thanos Have Kids (And Has Tried To Kill Them All)

According to Marvel’s comics, Thanos apparently had a number of illegitimate children across the universe, but he killed every last one of them, usually by destroying the entire planet they resided on.

7. Thanos’s Younger Brother is an Avenger

Eros is the younger brother of Thanos.  Eros grew up to be a fun-loving, carefree womanizer in contrast to his brother Thanos, a power-hungry, misanthropic schemer. Only when Thanos launched his first major attack against Titan, an attack that left their mother Sui-San dead, did Eros begin to take life a bit more seriously. To defeat Thanos, Eros travelled to Earth and looked up the Avengers.The Avengers allowed Eros to join under the name Starfox, feeling his given name was inappropriate.