7 Perfect Reasons Why IIT-JEE Coaching Classes are Criticized so much?

IIT-JEE Coaching classes are criticized because of the following reasons, IMO, starting with the most important:

They are pure businesses :

They don’t care if students ruin their marks in school while preparing for JEE. They don’t care if you are not able to catch up to concept or are not comfortable with style of teaching as long as they get handful of creamy layer students whose posters can be put outside the gate of their office. Most don’t get selected and there is a high chance that you may ruin your worthy time and money on them. There are teachers in Kota making 2 CR+ annually with this business. Students were spending 2 Lakh or more in my coaching for 2 years and were still not able to make it. Many parents from rural areas can’t afford such money but still spend for their child’s future only to end up on a sad note.

Using ranks for marketing:

A lot of coaching institutes pay the toppers in lakhs in order to use their name for promotional activities. In fact, you can sometimes see the same topper’s name in multiple institute ads. Now, that’s crazy! That’s a clear sign that coaching institutes are ready to go down to any level to accomplish their narrow-minded financial targets.

High unnecessary stress :

Lets say even if a kid does want to become an engineer and desires to be at IITs, the parents, coaching institutes, peers and school teachers just increase so much stress. If you are not enjoying it, you will suffer for no reason. Worse? These kids are joining coaching institutes in 6th standard for preparing them early BS. This is clearly for money making strategy by coaching institutes. At that age many students are not even clear if they want to even take up science stream. If after 6 years of coaching if these students don’t get selected, think of the emotional trauma they face and low self esteem they would live in. No wonder there are students in Kota committing suicide because of high stress they are put in.

You may ruin your school marks :

Many times coaching institute syllabus is different for the particular year than in school. These institutes also do not take the responsibility of your board exams performance. If you are not able to manage its your fault. This is the only kind of tuition where you go to degrade your marks in school while trying to ruin your chances in JEE or BITSAT or any entrance exam for that matter. (Disclaimer : May not be true for everyone but certainly this can happen to many.)

False Dreams :

The reason these coaching classes run is because of media propaganda which show all IITians are filthy rich and are the only ones who can succeed in life. With all due respect to IITians, the 1 CR+ packages mentioned are mostly foreign packages and only a few land up there, just like any college where only a few students succeed and get high salary placements.

Poor Support System for Weak Students:

As we all know, the ambitious middle class group of students flood these coaching institutes every year in an aim to make it to the IITs (A). However, since coaching is more of a business than a school, its main motive is to produce results, and especially top results that could potentially double the admissions in the years to come (B). The coupling of reasons A and B results in the bright students blossoming while the average student struggling to cope up. This therefore leads the average student to compromise on both knowledge and exam performance due to the neglect of the institutes.

Very less importance for subjects/knowledge outside PCM:

Every IIT-JEE aspirant knows this for sure. Neglecting other subjects and looking down upon them has become more of a “culture” at coaching institutes, especially Integrated School Programs. I myself neglected Computer Science and English in Class 12 in an attempt to fully focus on JEE. This, however is not advisable because one’s teenage and early 20s are really a time to explore your interests and broaden your knowledge by studying varied subjects like psychology, physics, economics, biology and what not. The “overspecialization” at 16–18 itself could make the children into robots and this is one reason why Narayana Murthy says that the quality of students selected via IIT-JEE is deteriorating day by day.