7 Predictions for a Post-Lockdown Life in India

Everyone, reading this, is well aware of what is happening all over the world. Everyone is locked down in their own homes or say “CAGES”. Today we all can feel how animals in zoos feel. This lockdown is going to affect our lives in more than one way. Well, Team CisTheta has brought you some of the common predicted things that might happen in the post lockdown life.

Men will fall in love with his girlfriend again instead of wife:

After the lockdown has been applied, cistheta reporters got news from various parts of our country that men start loving their wives again instead of their girlfriend as they are spending more time with their wife. But as soon as the lockdown ends, cistheta predict that our country’s men will fall in love again with his girlfriend.

Crush will not give instant replies:

As most people don’t have much stuff to do during lockdown except staying at home. Due to which, cistheta reporters got to know that the people who barely got response from their crush are getting now instant replies from their crush. For which, many people also thanked Modiji on social media. But when this lockdown ends, CisTheta predicts that crush will stop giving instant replies and everyone should be prepared for this.

Delhi’s people will fall sick after breathing pure air:

All the citizens of India are at home, due to which the environment is also healing itself as there is less pollution now due to the shutdown. Various environmentalists claim that the air is slowly becoming pure again. But the people of Delhi have taken polluted air in for their whole life and the toxicity runs in their blood, so there is a huge chance of genetic change in Delhiites when they go outside after this lockdown which can make mostly Delhiites fall sick after breathing pure air.

Police have to find a valid reason to beat people

From Day 1 of lockdown, social media is flooding with various videos of how the police are beating the shit out of people. Some are funny, but some are cruel too. Well !! when everything is fine, police will surely gonna miss this and they will have to find a valid reason to beat people. Some people are also copying Police.

“I miss my Quarantine Days” will be the new trend

Every Nibba Nibbi out there on Insta and other social media will be going to start a new trend of “I miss my Quarantine Days” as soon as the lockdown ends. While this type of trend we have already seen from such types of people like “missing momos”, “missing hangouts” and so many. So, be ready to handle this new trend also.

Psychiatrists will be busy curing mental illness of depressed animals who got a change in their routine.

We all have observed birds and street animals obsessed with humans. Street Dogs are one of the most obsessed among them. But during the lockdown, pigeons are not getting people to shit upon and Dogs are not getting any bikes, bicycles to run behind. This has taken its toll on them and put them under depression because of their sudden routine change. Well, our psychiatrists are going to be a lot busy after the lockdown.

Girls will become much better at playing mind games.

We all are aware of the most ferocious ability of playing mind games in girls. But this lockdown has proved to be a boon for girls and a curse for boys. Girls are honing their skill of playing mind games and all thanks to the board games such as Ludo King. Team CisTheta warms everyone reading this to be alert from this BrahmAstra.