8 Things Introverts Want You To Know

Our society is basically divided into two categories, extrovert and introvert. You can find extrovert anywhere like enjoying a party, watching movies anywhere. But finding an introvert is basically hard because they prefer staying in the home rather than doing all the stuff with their friends.

Many people find hard to understand mentality of introvert. What they actually think and what they actually want? So cistheta on behalf of all introverts putting some points which are actually a confession of an introvert. Stay tuned!

I avoid eye- contact as much as I can,
because Eye- contact= Forceful smile= Compelled conversation.

I am not trying to be rude or indifferent,
I am just not a big fan of small talk.

If we have not spoken in the last one year,
please do not make the effort to cross the road and come tell me Hi.

In public transport, I always have my earphones on,
whether the music is playing or not.


Office parties bring out all the insecurities and demons and sweat from within me.

I always think someone in the room has a better point to say,
hence mine is invalid and not worth voicing out.

I don’t stutter, this is how I speak to someone I don’t know very well.

Blind dates are a huge no- no. It’s not you, it’s ALWAYS ME!

Hope this confession helps you to find what an Introvert actually thinks. If you also find this point relatable, congo! we both are on the same side with other fuckin introverts. Originally written by Smrithi Viswanathan

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