9 year old boy applies for the job of pilot for the newly arrived Rafales, AirForce replies back

Dreams and ambitions are everything that an individual works hard for. From being a kid to a teenager, everyone has their own dreams and ambitions. They even work hard for them. During kindergarten when teachers used to ask kids about what they want to be as a grown-up, every kid answers with “I want to be an engineer, doctor, scientist and many more”.

One such fine ambition rose from a nine-year-old kid who wrote a job application to Indian Air force applying for the post of Fighter Pilot for the newly arrived Fighter Jets Rafale.

The Fighter Jets Rafale landed on the Ambala Airbase station of our nation’s land. Their touchdown aroused the feeling of patriotism even in the hearts of those who opposed the deal.

This feeling of patriotism lifted a nine-year-old kid’s dream of flying the fighter jets and serving the nation. The kid wrote the letter to the Indian Air Force that he wants to be a pilot for the new Rafales jet.


Indian Air force can’t help themselves but wrote a surprisingly encourageous reply to the young aspirant. IAF asked the kid to work hard and gain some experience before being perfectly able to fly high in those jets.

The little kid is seriously an inspiration for the other aspirants and a challenge for those who pursue the same dream. Dreams never die, one should keep following it.