A girl inspired of Neha Dhupia caught cheating in Boards Exam hall, said it’s her choice

Social media is a scary place! well, it has its pros but cons also. For Neha Dhupia, who is a leader on Roadies Revolution, social media turns out to be a nightmare because of her clip which has been trending for over a day.

In this clip, a male contestant confessed that he slapped a girl because she was cheating on him during their relationship with five other boys. After that, Neha Dhupia gave him a piece of mind to that male contestant that in no capacity he had the right to slap her. She stated that it was her choice to be with five boys at the same time.

After her comment, several memes were generated on her for her fake feminism which makes her trending all over social media. But some girls took inspiration from her because she took the right stance against violence.

In which, a girl named Sneha Kyukiya from Bihar caught cheating in the Boards exam hall. After being caught, she scolded her invigilator and said it’s her choice to cheat in the examination.

After being suspended from school, her parents defended her and said, “Maybe the problem lies in the question paper for being too hard”.

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