After being Dumped, Boy exposes his Ex Girlfriend’s Board Result to her Parents

Central Board of secondary education CBSE has announced the board results of Class 12 during the midday. There has been a wave of joy and happiness in the streets and surroundings of the students who passed with great marks. But students with marks below expectations, May God help them save themselves.

However, the incidents that happen all over the country never cease to make us laugh. One such incident came up from the capital city. A boy exposed his ex-girlfriend’s result to her parents because she dumped him a few days ago.

Our cistheta reporters asked the reason for such vengeance. The Boy told us that he was dumped by her because of some very lame reason so he wanted his revenge. He knew his ex was going to fail in a subject or two and she won’t be telling her result to her parents. So he did a favour to her and her parents.

Well, our prayers are with that girl for whatever happened with her. And a warning message for the other girls thinking to dump their boys. You must have a strong reason before you take that step or else you may be the next victim.