After the successful blog “AMAZING QUOTES THAT WRITTEN WHEN SCIENCE STUDENTS FALL IN LOVE”, we decided to write same blog on behalf of programmers. Programming is an art, because it applies accumulated knowledge to the world, because it requires skill and ingenuity, and especially because it produces objects of beauty. A programmer who subconsciously views himself as an artist will enjoy what he does and will do it better. Today, we show you perfect quotes that written when programmers fall in LOVE.

In every program of your Life, I want to be your Main Function.
— A Shoe

I learnt the language of Machines to help build a better life and now I have stopped speaking to them as they have programmed emotions based on conditions and loops… It might lead us to an out of memory exception…
— Joseph Stalin Sunny

If I were to be a programming language then you would be my ‘keyword’. You carry special meaning to me and no one else could replace you.
— Unknown


I was her semicolon(;) but one day she decided to switch to python.
— Sushant Shaw

Like an infinite loop so were my thoughts for you.
In the world of Switch Case we both had same choices.
Those Break and Continue statements made us strong and worse.
You are the semicolon of my life without which I am incomplete.
Be that constant Variable throughout my life program.
You are tough as an assembly code But still you are my Phyton.
— Soumya Vernekar

My proposal was like a void() statement in C programming , maybe that’s why she had nothing to return me at the end !
— Ron

Object oriented aankhon ki gustakhi,
Aur unki Inheritance wala look,
Encapsulation si hont,
Aur polymorphism si ada,
Tuhi to ab bas zindagi ho,
Tere Bina Mar jawa,o mere Java.
— Priyabrata Nayak


In the stack of wishes, I had a wish on top. And the wish was to make you asynchronous. So you would give me a callback.
— Unknown

There are many block of code which are  commented since long time…
And I believe, someday… I’ll reuse them.
— Vishal

Think before generating any feeling’s object in your memory ; Programming of life doesn’t have any destructor, not even a exception handler.
— Chaahat