Holding Political Campaign Doesn’t Give You the Right to Disrespect Women

“She is a prostitute”

“She is a Keep”

“She is a mixed breed”

“She was caught red handed having sex”

These are the words used against Atishi Marlena (AAP’s Candidate from Delhi) in a pamphlet being distributed in Delhi.

This is what the political discourse in India has sunk to.

But this is not a new thing, is it?

It was Modi who started a guttural campaign in his speeches using terms like..

“50 Crore ki Girlfriend”
“Beti Ki Setting”
“Congress Ki Vidhwa”

And it was the BJP IT Cell who were posting some bikini clad Bond Girls images on social media claiming it was Sonia Gandhi and calling her an “Italian Bar Maid”

Anytime a girl has expressed her views on social media she is targeted with the choicest abuses.

Calling her a “randi” and threatening her with “rape” has become almost a norm in India.

They say that the Nation is only as good as the Leader of the Nation is.

So if we need to change the political discourse and infact the entire social discourse, it is high time we change the leaders.


Uncouth, vile and disgusting people who do not know how to respect women should be thrown out of power along with their chamchas who are only emulating them in their words and actions.

The pampleth circulated against Atishi Marlena reflects the disgusting levels of lowness that India is sinking to, under the leadership that is currently helming and controlling the narrative of Indian society.

Whether this pamphlet was the brain child of Gautam Gambhir or not is debatable due to lack of evidence, but there is no denying the fact that Indian men (and women) of a certain mindset have a very low opinion of women and would stoop to any level to malign them. Ok its politics understood but stooping to this level , it’s definitely not Gambhir but some supporters of BJP for sure.

In a country which places the Woman on a pedestal and equates her to a Goddess, it is rather shameful that such words are used against the same Women.

When you disrespect a woman using such disgusting words, it is not she who gets disrespected, it is you whose upbringing gets exposed for the scum that you are.

Seriously Written by Darshan Mondkar