Which Avenger will be killed by Thanos in the Infinity War movie?

Everyone is excited and can’t wait  for the upcoming Marvel’s new movie Thor: Ragnarok which is going to release in November all over the world. But, after this all attention begins to turn to the next Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity war where the horrifying premise big baddie Thanos is going to kill off at least one of the heroes.

And it could well be more. After all, in the comic book on which the movie will be based, he killed EVERY Marvel hero. He made a mound of hero corpses.

So will they do that? Kill everyone?

Or will it just be one, two or a few?

Let’s look at the main contenders and then you tell us in our online poll(which is at the last) who you think will die.


He’s the heart and soul of Marvel. Without him, it would feel flat. But, there probably won’t be any more solo movies and Robert Downey Jr is getting a bit old to buff up every couple of years. Plus, he’s not going to get over the whole “Winter Soldier killed my parents” storyline from Captain America: Civil War. Therefore, there are chances that he will die but the killing off Iron Man would usher in a new era of superheroes and deliver a massive shock to the audience.


He’s just hooked up with the granddaughter of his old flame (eeeurgh!) and that love story needs to play out. Plus, if Iron Man goes, then there is no need for Captain America to die, Thanos can just kill off some of the minor Avengers and that’s good enough. But, his old mate Bucky Barnes, currently in the Black Panther’s deep freezer and equipped with all the necessary skills and emotional baggage can become an even more interesting Captain America.


He has an Infinity Stone in his noggin, which gave him life. Thanos needs that to complete his Gauntlet and so Vision will be the first target. He’s not likely to survive having his head ripped apart. But, don’t forget he was formerly Jarvis, the artificial intelligence program that used to run Tony Stark’s life. So he has a rather elastic definition of “life”. He will die but they might bring him back to life again.


He’s a god, so having him killed by Thanos is a sure-fire way to get everybody’s attention. Plus his trilogy of films have wrapped up, so it’s not like they are in desperate need of him for a sequel. But, the plus factor is that he’s a god, so it is almost impossible for Thanos to kill Thor. But, anything can be happened…


I think The Hulk might die but it’s almost impossible to kill him because he is one of the strongest person in MARVEL’S universe. But, he is not going to have his own movie because those have always been flops. So, there are chances that HULK will die.


The main reason Black Widow will die because she’s only human and doesn’t stand much of a chance against a being of Thanos’s power. Most importantly she has strong connections with The Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man. But, Avengers is desperately short of strong female characters and she’s about the strongest. And there’s still a chance of a solo film later, with some Hulk action.


He can be considered as the weakest member of Avengers and he is also a human without any special powers. Therefore, it will be easy for Thanos to kill him.Plus, we’ve seen he has a wife and kids, so watching him die is more of a wrench.


If they decide to keep both Iron Man and Captain America alive, then Barnes has to die so Tony Stark can come to terms with losing his parents. Plus it will enrage Captain America… And Barnes has done terrible things. Sacrificing himself to save, say, Tony Stark would end his storyline neatly and heroically.

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