If Avengers: Infinity War were made in India

By now, I’m sure everyone is well acquainted with Avengers. Their battle with the Chitauri and with Ultrons also was mind blowing to say the least and has left us waiting with bated breath for the Infinity wars. But what if Earth’s mightiest heroes were played by Bollywood’s biggest names? Here’s what it could look like:

Shahrukh Khan as Iron Man

It will be a perfect match. Because Tony Stark is a complex character and I think only SRK can pull it of. Smooth talking, suave, charismatic, head strong and a little full of himself. Who else could it be?

 Abhay Deol as Bruce Banner & Sunny Deol as Hulk

 As Dr. Bruce Banner, we chose Abhay Deol to play Mark Ruffalo’s character since he can superbly carry off the role of a genius scientist who is in total control of his monstrous superhero avatar. The only difference, Abhay turns into his cousin Sunny as he transforms into the Incredible Hulk. Handpump Smash anyone?

Sanjay Dutt as Thanos

In the MCU, Thanos is among Marvel’s coolest and most popular bad guys. On considering his bold face and giant body, Sanjay Dutt fits perfect for Thanos.

Prabhas as Thor

 The God of Thunder isn’t the young care free warrior he once was. An older, more mature Thor calls for the matured good looks of Prabhas. Rest assured, no Katappa can kill this “Baahubali”.

Hrithik Roshan as Captain America

 It’s pretty obvious that the fittest actor in Bollywood would play the super human Captain America. Therefore, this one has to go to Hrithik Roshan. One of the fittest Bollywood actors, there is no one else who could pull off the role better than Hrithik Roshan.

Katrina Kaif as Black Widow

Just like Agent Romanoff, you wouldn’t suspect Katrina to be a threat. Until, that is, she busts out those skills we saw in Tiger Zinda hai.

Loki as Ranveer Singh

The only Indian actor who has that quirkiness is Ranveer Singh. The God of Mischief would suit Ranveer well. He can easily portray the character of Loki, because of the energy and intensity he brings into his acting skills.

Kay Kay Menon as Vision

Only KK could pull off a role as contradictory as this: an emotionless android that’s conflicted about its purpose.

Aamir Khan as Hawkeye

Hawkeye is the loner when it comes to the Avengers. He prefers to do his own thing, just like Aamir Khan. In fact he also looks good with a bow and an arrow.

 Alia Bhatt as Scarlett Witch

 As one of the Bollywood’s most promising young actresses, she will do justice to the role of the youngest Avenger. Hence, Alia Bhatt is the best choice to portray the character of Scarlett Witch.