The best books for preparation in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for JEE Mains and Advanced!

The competition in JEE has reached an altogether new level with the coaching industry booming up and so, it becomes important to make a wise choice of books in order to utilize your time maximally. Choosing the right books for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced 2020 will provide the correct direction to your JEE preparation.

Here’s a list of books which teachers and academicians have vouched for over the years. What more can you expect in this article? Well, a list of books subject wise! And we have kept the content concise and comprehensive for your benefit.

Read on!


Mathematics books for JEE Exams:-

RD Sharma class 11th and RD Sharma class 12th – people tend to underestimate the school level books. But these are the ones that will build your foundation.

Integral Calculus for IIT-JEE by Amit Agarwal – the best book for integral calculus for any competitive exam.

Coordinate Geometry for IIT-JEE by SK Goyal – indeed a great book for Coordinate geometry. Its subjective problems are excellent.

Differential Calculus for IIT-JEE by Amit Agarwal – the best book for differential calculus for any competitive exam.

COURSE in MATHEMATICS for IIT-JEE (TMH) – I would say that this is the best book for JEE when it comes to problems. The algebra section is the best in this book.


Chemistry books for JEE Exams:-

Organic Chemistry by LG Wade – this is the BEST possible book for organic chemistry. DON’T buy OP Tondon organic chemistry. Many aspirants buy random books and then the book says something in 1 chapter and something contradicting in the other chapter. If you trust me, buy this book and see the magic of organic chemistry.

New Pattern Textbook of Physical Chemistry for Competitions (JEE Main & Advanced ) by OP Tondon – the best book for physical chemistry for any competitive exam.

Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations by RC Mukherjee – the best book for physical chemistry for problems.

Organic Chemistry by Morrison Boyd – you must read this book once if you are appearing for JEE. This is the so called “HC Verma” of organic chemistry.

Concise Inorganic Chemistry by JD Lee – a great book for inorganic chemistry. This book will teach you how to understand the subject rather than cramming it.


Physics books for JEE Exams:-

Concepts of Physics Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 – arguably the best book for beginners

Problems In General Physics by IE Irodov – buy this book if you want some challenge.

Resnick Halliday – a great book for theory and non trivial problems.

Mechanics Part-1 & 2 by DC Pandey – the best book for rankers.

Understanding Physics Electricity and Magnetism by DC Pandey

Having said that, you must also do for any topic in any subject is go through the NCERT chapter. This is exclusive of my disclaimer above and I would strongly recommend that you do the NCERTs irrespective what your teachers say. NCERT textbooks are written by a team of author’s who are all experts  in their area.