BJP supporter student pledged to conduct exams as Rahul Gandhi appealed against the conduction of exams

The University Grants Commission UGC, had every student’s eye on them since the start of lockdown. In the middle of lockdown, UGC put smiles on the student’s faces when they decided to promote all the students of all the semester on behalf of the results of their previous semesters.

But recently, UGC reversed its guidelines for exams for the final year students of all the universities of the country. This has enraged the students. Even young Political leaders like Rahul Gandhi didn’t leave this opportunity to secure votes for his party.

Rahul Gandhi recently appealed to the University Grant Commission UGC to not conduct exams during this crisis for students of any semester. He said, ” Exams can never be above the life of students in the country. UGC should reconsider the cancellation of exams for final year students as well.”

Hearing this appeal, a student from Meerut who is also a die-hard BJP supporter filed an entreat and pledged to write exams about what may come.

He said, “I would never have the same opinion as that 50-year-old young man. I will write the exams if he opposes the conduction. I am not afraid of CoronaVirus but I will not back down from exams if UGC cancelled exams after his appeal.”

Well, cancellation of exams of final years is taking its toll over them. So, exams can not be cancelled. However, some alternatives could be found or exams can be taken with utmost sanity and discipline.