Boy falls in love with his hand and breaks up with girlfriend during lockdown

The lockdown is making people do weird stuff. Not each because of the epidemic caused by the coronavirus, but some also because of the lockdown which is applied to every Indian for 21 days.

Cistheta also get to know some kind of weird stuff in which Gulshan Kumar, a Mumbai resident falls in love with his hand and breaks up with his girlfriend. He was in a relationship with his girlfriend for 4 years but because of the social distancing, he spent quality time with his hand and completely forgot that he has a girlfriend too.

The moment he realized it, he did call up his girlfriend to let her know that he wants to break up. He also blamed that his hand is more hygienic than his girlfriend because of the Dettol and always ready to make him feel good, not do much drama like his girlfriend. is the official website of Commonsense is seriously complex. Our articles are strictly for entertainment purposes. Explore our “About” page for more information. For more content, check our Facebook Page or give us a follow on Instagram.