Brother Hospitalized after Sister Ties Rakhi Too Tightly

In an unfortunate incident in Indore, a brother faced some critical health issues after sister ties Rakhi too tightly. Due to which, the blood circulation stopped in his body. The boy was immediately hospitalized and is currently stable.

It’s not the first instance where Rakshabandhan rituals are causing immense pain to people. In another similar incident in Pune, a brother injured his spine while bending down to touch his sister’s feet, a draconian ritual to express respect and take blessings from sisters.

After these two incidents, the Supreme Court has formed a special bench of four judges who will argue the need of celebrating Rakshabandhan. SC is likely to issue various guidelines for celebrating the misogynic festival.

Below are a few possible measures:
1. A pressure gauge is to be mandatorily used to check the thrust applied to the hand by a Rakhi.
2. A pre-decided angle up to which a brother should bend forward to touch his sister’s feet.
3. A cap on the maximum cost of the gift a brother can give to his sister so that she’s happy and also retains a fake sense of feminism.

We wish our readers a very Happy Rakshabandhan!

Inspired from TheFauxy.