CarryMinati replied hilariously to Kunal Kamra after his video “Aa Carry tujhe roast karna sikhate hai”

Everyone’s favourite YouTuber Ajay Nager aka CarryMinati has been in the memes headline recently. Sometimes because of his roast video or sometimes because of his video being taken.

This time it was Kunal Kamra, the stand-up comedian who took the charge of bringing Carry Minati into the headlines.

The standup comedian uploaded a video with the title “Aa Carry tujhe roast sikhate hai”. In the video, Kunal Kamra tried his best to roast Carry with his own stale punch lines but he failed miserably.  In case, if you have not seen this video.

After that, the memers took over the internet and posted several memes on this.


Ajay Nager soon responded on the video and replied on his Twitter account. He said “Kisan Ko khodna, aur baap ko chodna nhi sikhate“. He also mentioned Kunal Kamra in his tweet.

However, both of them are good friends and maybe this is some kind of prank. Team CisTheta is keeping its eye on the matter. Looking forward to the more fun from both of them.