15 Times when CISTHETA blew our mind with MATHEMATICAL MEMES!

Time and again we have been lauded for our mathematical memes.We can’t help but see maths in daily objects as the team is absolutley fanatical about maths! So we thought we not compile all our mathematically bent ideas here.

Put your genius cap on,as we take you through some of our best Maths posts!

  1. When Cistheta spoke about roots and co related it to roots of a quadratic equation. If you ponder over you can see how the two plants origination from the same parent but go to trace their own individual journey. 

2. When you want to compliment but intelligently ? Good take aways ?

3.When you see a baby pee and only trace points to draw a parabola, wondering how he could do something with his urine that you have been struggling to do with a pen and paper.

4.Some moral lessons ? Philosophy for life

5.Power of point and aerobics? how can someone actually relate the two? *We are gushing and giggling in a corner!*

6.Parabolas all along and all around ?

7.When we wished you on a national holiday Aryabhatta’s style !

8.Geometry lessons any one ?

9.Modulus in real life! This one was insanely circulated .

10.Ever thought this about a seating arrangement? We also spotted this meme of our’s, being shared at an international page! woooahh!

11. Why should integration have all the fun ?

12. when you a take a GIF style haircut !

13.Murgi pehle aayi ya anda?

14. Functions and their inverses!

15. Determination much?

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