CISTHETA Memes On “KOTA FACTORY” Will Make You Laugh Out Loud!

Kota isn’t all about JEE, NEET and selections. Its a zone of time which will teach you more than all of what you are going to learn the rest of your life. It includes both positive and negative parts. And the in-trend web series based on it named KOTA FACTORY has already won million of hearts by revisiting memories of many aspirants.The extensive five-episode series gains much from the brilliant performances, especially of Ranjan Raj as Meena, Jeetendra Kumar as Jeetu bhaiya and Mayur More as Vaibhav. Therefore,  today we are showing you some hilarious KOTA FACTORY memes that make you literally laugh out loud!

May be she is not as beautiful as Priya Prakash Varrier and the RCB girl, but she had already won million of hearts by its innocence and cuteness!!

When Jitu bhaiya get to know that his students are falling in love..

I hate maheshwari coaching for this..

Many students don’t focus on studies because they busy in stalking their crush and at the end, they end up in private colleges.

Believe me! I also hate advertisment between memes…


Maheshwari Classes!!! no caption or tagline is needed for this meme!

Seriously!! If you have such type of priceless friend.. you are damm lucky!!

Maa-Baap ke decision shayad galat ho sakte hai, par unki niyat kabhi galat nahi hoti.

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