Class 12 Student Commits Suicide For Leaving 9 Marks In Boards

We in India are facing a serious epidemic. It’s the large number of student suicides prevalent in the country.

According to National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) 2015, every hour, one student commits suicide in India. Students all over the nation are taking their class 10th and 12th Board Exams, and the exam pressure is taking a toll on their lives.

According to a report by the TOI, a class 12th student gave in to the exam stress and ended his life in Mohali on Wednesday. Karanvir Singh, a 17-year-old student, was allegedly upset over his performance in the Physics paper, and hanged himself with a ceiling fan just hours after the exam.

“I am sorry as I could not live up to your expectations and for not being able to fulfil your dreams. I love my grandparents the most and please do take good care of them,” said Karanvir Singh in the suicide note.

Apparently, the boy used to study at his grandfather’s house as he felt his house was too noisy. The boy was upset as he was not able to attempt three questions of three marks each in the Physics exam.

“On our way back from the examination centre, I asked Karan about his performance. When he said he left some questions, I told him that he should practise writing faster.”,his father said.

Karanvir’s father regrets asking him about his performance after the exam. He also said..

“I wish I had told him that marks don’t matter to us. The only thing that mattered was seeing his smiling face every morning,”

This is the second case of a suicide by a student in Mohali due to exam stress. A Mullanpur girl had allegedly consumed poison ahead of her first Class X board exam on March 4.