Confidence Level of JEE 2011’s AIR 1 “Immadi Prudhvi Tej” Will Surely Blow Up Your Mind

Remember this Boy?

This is Immadi Prudhvi Tej who achieved all India first rank in the arguably one of the world’s toughest exams IIT-JEE in 2011.

After the results came out he was interviewed by a famous news channel.He looked so docile and humble. When he was asked about his future plans,he instantly said he will crack civils examination and contribute his service to the nation in the role of an IAS officer.

I along with my family who were watching the interview thought he was crazy and made fun of his decision. I remember mocking his future saying “Einstein wants to serve as an IAS lol”. It is indeed a brave decision to gear his thoughts in that direction despite cracking the first rank in IIT-JEE.

4 years later(2015) “Breaking news!!!!”

“Immadi Prudhvi Tej from IIT bombay becomes the first guy to be hired by Samsung(south Korea) company for whopping 1 crore package.”

After reading the news I felt happy for him and at the same time I was awakened by his IAS dream and realised that he left his IAS dream for 1 crore. No wonder. Who would miss 1 crore?.


April 28,2018.Breaking news!.

“2011 IIT first ranker cracked 24th rank in civils examination.”

God!God!God!!!!!!!!! This time I got goosebumps as I read the news. Yes he is crazy, crazier than I thought. Hatsoff for his confidence.

I instantly called my mom and informed about the news. She recalled the words he said 7 years back.

I learnt a lesson that I shouldn’t mock someone who is so confident and yes I was fooled by myself. Prudhuvi Tej is never greedy for money. He resigned a great job and followed his conscience which brought him the glory.

Perhaps PRUDHVI TEJ and the word CONFIDENCE are synonymous.

This article was originally written and happened to Srikar Shanmukha.