Covid-19 patient escapes from hospital to drink Chai, Chaiwala ran leaving his baggage

We Indians always find a different way to do things. Now, look at the patients who are tested positive for COVID-19. They are curing themselves by running away from hospitals. Recently, our reporters got a hold of the chance to talk to some of such escapees who were unfortunately caught again.

They were all asked the same question, “Why? ”

We got a lot of different replies. We found some hilarious as well.

One of them said, “I believe in the theory of Hum to dubenge sanam, tumhe bhi le dubenge.

While the other said, “I never ran from anywhere, so it was like a dream come a true chance for me.

But some of them had their reasons which were appropriate and satisfying. Some said, “They had to feed their families.

But we got this reason more satisfying. The guy said that he has an addiction to the Tea. But the doctors in the hospital are not letting me drink it. So, for the only sake, he ran to the nearest ‘tapri’ and asked Chaiwala for a cup of tea.

Later in the conversation, when he told the Chaiwala that he was found positive to the COVID-19, Chaiwala left his cart and ran away along with his customers.

The patient was later seen making tea himself on the cart to quench his thirst for tea. 

This may seem hilarious but it’s an issue to look over. Be where you are. Follow the guidelines given by the doctors and the government. Stay safe.