Dark Secrets Of The Indian Cricket Team Dressing Room That Blow Your Mind

1. A Prank on Virat Kohli on his first day

On his debut match, as understood, Virat Kohli was quite nervous. Seeing this, the most notorious pranksters of the Indian Cricket Team, Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh, decided to play a prank at him. They told Virat Kohli that is a norm for new comers to go and touch Sachin Tendulkar’s feet to take him blessings and asked him to do the same. It was only upon touching Sachin’s feet that he got to know that he had been pranked.

2. Dawood Ibrahim and Kapil Dev

In the year 1987, while playing for a tournament in Sharjah, Dawood Ibrahim entered the dressing room of the Indian Cricket Team. He told them that he would gift them a car if they beat the Pakistani team in that match. To this Kapil Dev promptly replied ‘Chal Bahar Chal’ without any fear or second thoughts.

3. John Wright grabbing Sehwag’s collar

This was around that time when the Indian Cricket Team was being coached by John Wright. Virender Sehwag was out of form for a couple of matches and the coach was quite concerned about the way he has been playing. In one of the matches when Sehwag threw his wicket to a silly shot, it is heard that John Wright went up to his mate, Rahul Dravid and gave an ultimatum to himself saying, ‘if that guy gets out to a silly shot again, i will really have a go at him.’ Sehwag was later told about this ultimatum as well. However, when Sehwag again got out for a careless shot, Wright grabbed his collar and gave a piece of his mind. It was then that Sehwag improved his game which was evident in the next few matches.

4. Saurav Ganguly pranked into resignation

Yuvraj Singh and Ashish Nehra once decided to play a prank on the then Indian Cricket Team Captain, Saurav Ganguly. They told him that since he had said a couple of negative things about them in the press, they would not play under his captaincy. Disappointed on hearing this, Saurav decided to resign. When Saurav got all emotional and in tears, Rahul Dravid revealed to him that it was all part of a prank that the team members were playing on him. Relieved and in a lighter mood, Saurav then chased all the team members with a bat in the dressing room.

5. How Dhoni got trolled by Yuvraj

When Dhoni entered the Indian Cricket Team, Yuvraj started teasing him by calling him ‘Bihari’ and would often tell him that ‘hitting sixes is not a big deal, winning matches for the country is’. When Dhoni turned into a master chaser and finisher for India, Yuvi would tell him ,” Test matches are the real place where the mantle of the player is tested”. Dhoni, quite shy and silent as he always is, finally replied to Yuvi saying,”That is alright, but tell me one thing, Why are you always so angry?”Yuvraj split into laughter on hearing this and it helped break the ice.