DC/Marvel characters which are inspired from Hindu mythology

DC/ Marvel comics are published for more than 80 years. They have taken earlier inspiration from Norse and Greek God. They would have eventually taken inspiration from the Hindu Mythology.

Here are list of Hindu Gods, which I found over the year used in the comic book:

In DC Universe, the speedster and supervillain named Savitar is an enemy of Flash (in CW’s The Flash TV series) who named himself after Savitr, the Hindu God of Motion.

There is also mentioned and reference to the Hindu God in Marvel such as X-men Apocalypse. He was Blue character and has been living for a long time. He once mentioned he was once called as Krishna in his lifetime.

The Hindu God of fortune and Wisdom, Ganesha made his appearance in the comic book, Wonder Woman #149 series 2, Sep-1999. Later Ganesha becomes Brother Wrath, a Blue Lantern corp on requests of the Guardians from Space sector 0002.


Another famous character in the DC universe is Rama Kushna. Rama Kushna is the powerful entity that watches over the sacred place of Nanda Parbat, located in the Himalayas. She is responsible for turning Boston Brand into the Deadman.

The Hindu God, also Rama made his first appearance in Wonder Women #148 series 2, Sep-1999. He along with other Hindu Gods teamed up with Wonder Women and the Amazonians against the Titan, Cronus.