Dhinchak Pooja’s Jaipur concert was fake! We are sorry Dhinchuks!


Her Topi‘s got Swag she would hit you if after Daaru you wouldn’t dance; she flaunts the Taj of Selfie Maine Leli Aaj. Ladies, gentlemen and them, ever since Dhinchak Pooja happened to mankind the world is not the same again. And, I kid you not, apart from the trolls and people who truly hate her, there exist people who REALLY like this Pooja who’s Dhinchak.

So, when the ‘Dhinchuks’ (Yep! That’s what she calls her ‘fans’) saw a Facebook event about a Dhinchak Pooja Live Concert, they immediately got excited. (Alas!)


There are more than 3500 people who are interested in ‘going’ for the concert and close to 5300 people who have shown ‘interest’ in it.

(Just a thought, shall I unfriend that friend who is going? *thinks confused* )


Ticket prices? Unlike Justin Bieber’s 75K, for her concert, it was priced 7.5K. And, there’s a portal, too, where you can buy the tickets. Eerrmmm, just kidding!


The event’s actually a fake one, created out of sheer fun. (Why would ANYONE do that? Oh wait, I see it. They wanna know who are the die-hard Dhinchuks hiding amongst them.)

What I wanna know is who are these 3500 people who want to hear some cackling, detuned person sing? Like, seriously guys?

Soon, people started tagging their friends on the event post and Twitter reactions followed! But we are pleasantly reassured that it isn’t happening!

(h/t :- http://www.storypick.com/dhinchak-pooja-concert/)

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