Drinking is a Bad Habit, These Funny Pics are the Proof!

There are a lot of people who drink. After Drinking people do a lot of crazy things. Some crazy people even behave like super hero. While other think they are the king. Over drinking is bad for everyone. People do crazy things after drinking which make us laugh. There are a lot pics on internet which are going viral. We at CisTheta Global has collected these photos for you. Checkout the all photos below.

Somebody told him that drinking is bad habit so he started consumption of alcohol in this way.

Alcohol man have you seen him before? He has a lot beers in his different hands.



Darling i am just on the way, and he is telling the truth.

Best place for the drinkers, have you seen this kind of place before?

After drinking 4 pegs he is sleeping with his girlfriend. Lol!



I am Micheal Jackson now. I am a super dancer don’t stop me, let me dance.

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