Engineer accidentally takes bath after 2 months during a protest where police used water cannon

Students from prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) also joined the chorus against the police quelling on the Jamia Millia Islamia and also the Aligarh Muslim University students.

Gulshan Kumar, who is a student of IIT Delhi finally took bath as he was fired with water cannon by the policemen. Gulshan similar to other engineers has a talent of not bathing for weeks and he had not taken a shower for last two months. today finally he got his body washed by the water cannons fired by police.

Just like Gulshan many Engineers took bath today. The parents of students have personally thanked the police for taking care of their children’s hygiene and want then to use the water cannons regularly. Engineering colleges across India will also arrange the protests after the end of these protests to keep the engineers fresh and ready for college.

Many students don’t take bath as they don’t have that much time as they wake up just 5 minutes before a lecture is going to start. Regular protests will help overcome this problem. is the official website of Commonsense is seriously complex. Our articles are strictly for entertainment purposes. Explore our “About” page for more information. For more content, check our Facebook Page or give us a follow on Instagram.

This article was originally written by TheFauxy.