Engineer was raided by Income Tax department after he donates ₹150 to Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been a very useful source of every kind of information for many years. Every now and then, many of us need Wikipedia to browse one or the other kind of information without paying anything.But recently, Wikipedia has started asking its readers to donate a minimum of ₹150. 

Many of us still ignore that request but an engineer, (who browsed Wikipedia for his project work) decided to donate the amount of  ₹150 as a token of thanks. His family was also proud of him for his act of kindness till that kindness has not caused them trouble. 

As soon as the engineer donated the money, there were the cars of the Income Tax Department parked outside his house. The whole family was startled by the act. The Income Tax Department seized the house and questioned the family for hours.

Later, The Income Tax Department told our team that they were surprised about how an engineer could donate this amount of money. They added “Seeing the condition of the unemployed engineers in the country, it was their duty to find out the source of income for the engineer.”

The Engineer and his family were released after they told the Income Tax Department about his wife’s  profession as a SBI employee. 

This case issued a little warning to all the engineers out there to think before they act about anything.