Facebook Page Unofficial Bombay High Court deleted and its saddening

Facebook has recently deleted “Unofficial Bombay High Court” page which was initially named Bombay High Court, the reason for changing the name was a FIR which was logged against the owner of the page somewhere in 2017 claiming that some people where actually thinking it to be OFFICIAL page of Bombay High Court followed which the owner even changed the name still the page got deleted recently and we feel sad for it.

The page had followers in lakhs (don’t remember the exact figure) and personally I felt that the content was too good. Post deletion of the page the owner posted something on his wall which will make everyone feel the pain of someone who lost a fan base of 3.5 lakhs overnight, and anyone who has ever made a single meme or joke or humorous post will relate to each and every word like we do, here is the message posted by Admin of Unofficial Bombay High court :


Dear Citizens (the last time I ever get to address people as citizens),
It’s been a year since the inception of Bombay High Court. I still remember the thrill of gaining the first 500 followers. Little did I imagine that the page will reach millions of people in the times to come. A year full of building an audience that laughs at the little intricacies of life has officially come to an end.

Today if you search for the page, you will no longer be able to find it. It’s gone. Once and for all. All of content and conversation built over a year is now no longer available. And never will be.

Somewhere around in May, 2017 a defamation case was filed in the actual High Court and that was the beginning of the end. One thing led to another and what you see today is a result of that. I wish we accepted humour as is. I wish people were more tolerant. I wish I had deleted the page myself rather than watch it being killed in this manner. That would have been a little more graceful and a little less painful.


It is hard to let go of something that has added to so many lives let alone mine. It breaks my heart to watch something die that made each one of you smile and take a momentary escape from this shithole of a life. This perhaps will be the last time I ever talk about the page.

Ladhne ke Iiye our Iadh sakte hai. Lekin abb iss page ko moond lene mein hi sukh hai.
Laugh, always. Onwards and upwards.

Here are some memes of their page….

Bachelors living in hostels who manage to spend entire week in 2 underwear (by flipping and reversing sides) will teach Crisis Management at Harvard University.

Students who explain the whole subject to their friends just one night before the exam shall be given Dronacharya Award.


Every person who makes meme has one motive i.e. to keep people happy by their memes. Yes it is true that some memes can hurt feelings and sometimes people get offended by that also… but the permanent deletion of the Facebook page is not the correct way to answer. Most of the time,  admins have only one source of earnings, i.e. their Facebook page. But who’s care…?