Fear Of Failing In JEE and NEET Is More Scary Than Seeing Ghost

Everyone in this world has some kind of fear like fear of heights, fear of dogs, fear of injections etc. But now a new fear seems to be developing fastly in specially JEE and NEET aspirants and it basically the fear of failing in JEE and NEET exams.

According to a recent research, fear of failing in JEE and NEET is more scary than seeing ghost. Infact the researchers also termed this fear as “fear of fear.”

They also added the fact that this fear can lead to depression and anxiety for a very long time. This fear is so much scary that it can motivate their victims to change their stream.

Due to this fear, victims are solving calculus and laws of physics numerical for 12-14 hours daily without taking sleep and food at time. This fear is working as a slow poison for aspirants. Most victims of this fear are found in KOTA. So don’t think of going to that place.


As this fear of failing in JEE and NEET has already destroyed thousands of lives, we will advice you to listen motivational songs and movies as much as possible. It is the only and most effective way to prevent aspirants from this fear.

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