Fee hike in BITS Pilani: Don’t make education a buisness

The latest fee hike in BITS Pilani campuses is barbaric and affects each and every student of this institution. Think about the people who thought they could afford this education initially but by the end of the third year, end up in financial crisis and it takes years for many to cover their loans. However, the facilities provided by the institution have largely remain the same and haven’t improved. Over time, many students begin feeling guilty and experience added pressure because of the money that they morally owe to their parents. If there’s such a huge hike as this, the authorities should be obligated to provide a valid explanation. A fee hike every few years to a just costs for inflation is okay. But a monstrous 15% rise each year is way over the line.


BITS Pilani!!! It’s soon going to be that “Once upon a time BITS was one of the best universities in the country” because it is charging 1.6Lakh per semester as the tuition fee from the next semester. Because best students won’t be opting for BITS anymore. In the name of providing research facilities, they are loosing out on the best students year by year. The undergraduate students who have dared to pay the fee also didn’t experience any tangible benefits till date. It just feels like the institute is feeding on the blood of the parents.

Sidhartha Namburi (one of the student of BITS Pilani) said that, “I am not questioning the intentions of the institute here. They say if BITS wants to become another MIT, We need to increase the fees, but I say if it goes on like this, we might get the best of the facilities, but not the best of the students. We will become another VIT. The institute should realise that if they don’t listen to us now, we will stop listening to them too.”


He also added, “It is time that the student leaders of all the four campuses should act together and prevent the situation from getting worse. It is time the press clubs help in articulating the facts and making all the students understand the situation better. It is time the alma matter help the students retain the legacy of BITS and not loose it. I believe the faculty of BITS also understands the frustration of students and assist them in this regard.

What can you do?

Students of BITS Pilani has started a petition in change.org against fee hike in BITS Pilani. So, you can also signed this petition to make a change. Click here to sign the petition.