Most Funny Questions Asked On Quora For JEE Preparation

Quora is a wonderful site to ask questions and seek replies from all sections of experts. But sometimes it proves to be hilarious and full of excitement. Today we are thus going to tell you few of the best quora question which one can come by while searching for JEE preparation. The answer was even funnier and they will surely tickle your funnybones.

Which hair style should I have while preparing for JEE Mains? The answers to this question were really weird and very very funny.


For Boys

For Girls

If Rancho in “3 Idiots” was extremely sharp then why didn’t he clear the IIT-JEE?

This was a very great question indeed. Though there can’t be the clear answer to this but few user tried giving the answer. One user said that there’s point considering Rancho as sharp, also, an IIT has no relation with the quality of being sharp. (In short, if one is smart, he/she needn’t be from an IIT, nor from IIM). And answer to this has proved one point that sharpness is not at all synonyms to being an IITian, which is thus a true statement.


Which phone should I use while preparing for JEE Main? 

The best answer to this question which we feel said that any phone which has alarm facility, 6gb ram,so u can play high-end games to refresh urself for hours and hours continuously,  great camera for photography skills which takes great photos of notes and has a feature to share it online so that ur friends will know what u r studying, good battery life for watching fullhd movies in great quality so that ur eye will not get strain and tired.

The most deadly and literally the deadly one is the Are we allowed to carry an AK-47 at JEE Mains exam centre?

The answer to this was even more interesting, a user said that yes you can carry Anything from Assault Rifles, Grenades, rocket launchers, H-Bombs, Tanks everything is allowed, but I just don’t think they will let you write the exam with that stuff! though You can’t bring anything related to the exams (like calculators, pens and stuff). Even one user confessed that he took a biological weapon with him in the exam centre.

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