Gonna tell my kids, these were the best teachers of Physics, Chemistry and Maths

CISTHETA is presenting you the best teachers of three deadly subjects i.e. Physics, Maths and Chemistry. These teachers help many students to love these deadly subjects irrespective of how difficult it is. So stay tuned to figure out what CISTHETA thinks…


 Jeetu Bhaiya, an compassionate physics teacher in Kota Factory, is the best physics teacher according to CISTHETA because he make millions of students motivated by his magical words.

Jeetu Bhaiya is so much acclaimed because this type of person is in high demand by the students of Kota and a similar audience. Vaibhav was late to Kota, he was weaker than others, yet he had a strong hardworking ability which he realised after meeting Jeetu Bhaiya, he became more confident and more determined, because he knew with Jeetu Bhaiya around it would be difficult for him to stop and fall.

And in this confused, depressed and low confidence state everyone should have one Jeetu Bhaiya. And this is the reason this type of teacher is needed in every school, every education institution and in every student’s life.




Kaushal Sir of Flames who owns Sunshine classes is our best chemistry teacher. Maybe he can’t help us to remember tough organic reactions. But, he has a conscience and genuinely cares for his students. Though his jokes end up being childish, he strives to connect with the kids and be a good teacher. And such type of attitude towards a student can motivate any student to take an interest in Chemistry.


There is no chance, that we select other than our Hrithik Sir aka Anand Sir of Super 30 for the best mathematics teacher.

 Though his brilliance gets him a seat in the prestigious University of Cambridge, he is unable to attend because of lack of money. As he goes from door to door looking for sponsorship, his father passes away and he is forced to sell papads made by his mother.


However, when Anand realises that there are many Anand Kumars out there who are forced to give up on their dreams because of impoverished circumstances, he decides to give up the good life and open a free coaching centre for such deserving but poor students. 

Instead of his inspiring story, his words also inspired a lot. Such as…

Ab Raja ka Beta Raja Nahe Banega… Ab Raja Wahi Banega Jo HAQDAAR Hoga…

Jab Samayai Aiga… Subse Bada Or Sub Se Lamba Chalaang Hum He Maraingay.

Note:- We are talking about Hrithik Roshan as the fictional Anand Kumar. We don’t think real Anand Kumar as the best maths teacher because of the following reason.

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