Government made Mechanical engineers as the Brand Ambassador of Aatmanirbhar

Apart from this economic package, the other highlight of PM’s speech was the constant bombardment of heavy Hindi words. The word Aatmanirbhar (self-reliant) caught special attention.

People have taken the meaning very seriously and have started acting upon it and have formed a secret community also. One of the stories cistheta get to know that a serial killer kills itself to become Aatmanirbhar.

The government didn’t expect such type of contribution. But as soon as they realized India have a large community of Aatmanirbhar people, they decided to make mechanical engineers as the brand ambassador of it as they are the ones who are Aatmanirbhar from decades.

After hearing that, civil engineers also want to be the brand ambassador of Aatmanirbhar as they are also self-employed and single.