Gully Boy’s Sensation Naezy Has Accused For Not Paying Royalties

Everyone is aware of the tagline “Apna Time Aayega” who comes in trend after the first movie based on Indian Hip-Hop i.e. Gully Boy. This movie was based on the two underground rappers of Mumbai i.e. Divine and Naezy. Mostly focus on Naezy who’s role was done by Ranveer Singh.

Everyone who had watch that movie knows the struggling story of Naezy. But, today we are going to tell about the other side of Naezy who don’t give proper credits or money to the producers or people who work for him. Instead of having the tag of Most Famous Undergound  Rapper in India, he doesn’t have proper respect or feeling for underground artists.

Recently, his new track was launched i.e. Dhoondle whose poster was created by Antorip Choudhury come with a huge statement in Facebook. Antorip Choudhury  said in his post that…

I have been working with Naezy for almost three years now. And I can show how I had been treated by him over and over again. I used to let it pass cause I was a small artist and this was my only way to reach a larger crowd. But this has gone way too far. It’s not just me he treats his producer the same way, M.A. Natiq has faced similar consequences working with him. It was really more sad that to see Natiq, because I know how much a producer’s contribution is to a track. I waited more than a year for my money back when I worked for Aane De, when I got to know about his ‘issues’ and I was okay, I didn’t make a scene then when I saw my artwork on all streaming sites without my permission or payment. Even this time after I finished Aafat Waapas he didn’t pay me until he released the track. And after he sent my payment he texted me ‘Consider this as a payment for Dhoondle as well’. I was pretty okay with that, considering his reaction that he has actually ‘overpaid’ me for Aafat Waapas. Last day he released my artwork without my credits. I had to request him over and over again just to get my name on MY ARTWORK. Seeing my reaction on my stories he said that he will not credit me until I take the posts down. I still don’t see my name on the facebook post. Its really saddening, I don’t want to stretch things more but this needs to be heard.


Before this, the song “Meri Gully Mein” which was produced by The Sez has not given his credits or money. He also complain to Sony Music Channel for using his song without his permission. But he doesn’t get anything at the end and his appeal was surpassed.

Everyone needs to know that every artist that work is equally important and has to get paid properly without asking. Hip Hop I believed is clean with all it’s anti establishment philosophies, anti-lies things and about truth and all. But well, this is sad. Hope you get your due credits, there’s nothing more really that I can wish for you. Being a hip Hop enthusiast, this is sad!!

Well said by Naezy The Baa!!

Samajhdaar ko ye shiksha hai,
Kaam ka paisa dete aise jaise dete Bhiksha Hain !

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