Different Habits Students Adopted After Joining Engineering

Engineers shape the future by applying their skills to almost everything you can think of, from medicine to renewable energy, food technologies to sustainable mining. There really is no limit to what engineers can do. In engineering colleges,  students here have high degree of freedom and they can take part in different activities.

Due to this they develop new habits which was not there before coming to engineering. I myself have changed a lot . Some general changes that engineers encounter in them are:-

Waking up late in morning .

Sleeping late and waking up late also is common to everyone here (sleeping after party or movie or GPL or Laptop or chatting) . Hence everybody wakes up 5 minutes before lectures. Skipping breakfast is one of the aspects of waking up late in morning .


Viva’s are the memorable and funniest events to happen in any engineer’s life when you do not actually want to act like ‘Chatur’. People say there are two types of innocent faces in the world. One is the face of a sleeping baby, another one is the face of an engineering student in Viva.

No Bathing .

Hygiene is one of the aspect that one should be serious about . But here it is not the case . See , how can one bath if he is waking 5 minutes before lectures . Following meme ( made by me ) is a bitter truth .

Bunking classes .

Before coming here I could not dare to skip even one class of coaching but here this happens everyday . If attendance criteria were not there then nobody would attend class (most of us rely on self study) .


Studying just before 2-3 days before the exam.

During school days, we start the preparation 1 months before the exam. But in engineering, we just need one night to cover all the syllabus.


This is the worst quality that I have developed after coming here . Postponing assignment and tutorial for next day is now very common , after saying “Kl kar lenge yaar (I will do it tomorrow )”. But this is actually a myth because this never happens and this sentence is said everyday.

Importance of your family

You will come to know the importance of your family (especially your ‍mother ‍) after living in hostel here . When you will have to do your everyday chores on your own (food , bathing , cleaning clothes , taking water yourself , bed making , maintaining almirah , missing especially the love of your family (mother) and many more ) then you will realise how salient your family and mother is.

Maggi-The ultimate saviour

Eating Maggi at any time of the day coz Maggi is love. Especially during exams and class tests,you are bound to feel hungry when you stay awake late at night. Thus,Maggi becomes the ultimate saviour of all the hungry souls out there.

Travelling to new places with friends

As a JEE aspirant, everyone avoids travelling for the sake of studies and in engineering, we have lot of free time so whenever we are able to plan it, we prefer going to the nearby places of interest.


Studying through photos of friend’s notes

Didnt go to classes the entire semester? End Sems approaching?

No problem! Just go to the room of one of your studious friend and click the photos .I have completely forgotten the last time I used books for studying.I have been using Soft copies ever since I joined engineering.

Deep thinking at nights ((read Overthinking))

When friends sit together to discuss solutions to problems of life,Magic happens.Ranging from future prospects to crushes of schools, we tend to discuss it all sometimes.It goes deeper than we think sometimes and it spans for a long period of time.

Making random memes to humiliate a friend

Memes are love.And we use our constructive minds to humiliate a friend by posting memes on our closed group .It is fun sometimes. What are friends for if they don’t insult you?

There are more of habits like drinking with friends, playing PUBG and more.. We are sorry to add every point, but if you have any special habit you want to share. Kindly comment us and message us. We are ready to hear.