Here’s how ‘Rick and Morty’ messed up my brain !!

Around late August 2017, when Game of Thrones Season 7 got over, I shifted my attention towards Reddit & Tumblr’s favourite topic : ‘Rick & Morty’.

I started the series with lots of expectation, after all likes of Elon Musk tweets about this sci-fi based animation. But I committed a big mistake – I ended up watching all three seasons aired till date in one weekend. ‘Rick and Morty’ is not just about science, it’s much more than that, it’s about philosophy and a satirical social commentary. It is so overwhelming that it messed up my brain for at least a fortnight.

Here are three major afterthoughts I had after binge watching ‘Rick and Morty’.

1. Thoughts on Nihilism :

What is the purpose of life anyway? We are so insignificant with respect to size of the universe, merely a speck in the vast scheme of things. Leave alone the Universe, we are so insignificant on the Earth itself ! Unless you do something extraordinary, either too good or too evil, not more than three generations of your own family will remember your name, i.e. after 150 years no one will ever know or care that you ever existed. Also, is this the kind of thought some people might have before committing suicide – that their life has no value and their is no purpose of existence.

(Disclaimer 1 : No, I never had suicidal thoughts, infact my biggest fear is dying young, I am just saying that may be now I understand one line of thought people might have before taking such a step)

2. Thoughts on Aethism :

Does god exist ? Let’s assume that god does exist, how many of them are there managing how many people on Earth? How does it work ?

Till industrial revolution happened, for thousands and thousands of years God had to manage just a handful of few million people but since the invention of engines and rise in productivity in farming etc, the population has exploded and now they are responsible for 7.5 billion lives. Does that mean the guy who invented engine increased God’s workload by 10-15 times.

Also if we believe in reincarnation, the current population is so much more than the sum of people who have died in previous century, so are we reincarnated version of souls which were not finding a body for hundreds of years or are we the first of our kind whose souls will get recycled as we move further into the 21st century.

Or may be our gods, in the form we know them, are just aliens with advance technology who used to visit earth during yesteryear. The folks on Earth started worshipping them and writing about them but since then these Gods have given up on this wretched planet but we are still living with the traditions.


Disclaimer 2: I believe in God, mostly because there must be an origin story for everything plus the concept of heaven and hell helps me to keep perspective. But this brings me to my third train of thought.

3. What is good & bad and are we moral because we live under a constant fear?

We have been conditioned to believe that certain actions are good/correct & certain actions are bad/wrong, but what if we were wrong all along.

What if there were no laws (reference ‘The Purge’), would people hold on to their moral compass? Are we moral because we believe in the concept of heaven and hell, what if we come to know there is nothing called heaven & hell, and what we do in this life would have no consequence whatsoever anywhere else, would we continue to be moral.

P.S: Who knew a ‘cartoon’ show can have such an effect on my thought process. If you haven’t watched ‘Rick and Morty’ yet and you have read the post till this point, I would strongly recommend it. Or may be I am thinking way too much, because as Morty puts it “Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody’s going to die. Come watch TV.”

Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.