Hindustani Bhau Reply To Deepak Kalal

If you have been anywhere near social media recently, you’ve heard surely of either all time troll legend Deepak Kalal or the trending troller Hindustani Bhau. Or may be because of both!

Both of the legends are famous because of their slangy trolling. For me, both are legends because both don’t hesitate to abuse anyone. Deepak kalal has trolled many people like Rakhi Savant, carryminati etc. While our Hindustani Bhau has also trolled many people like Javed Akhtar and mostly pakistanis! You have been aware of the legendary dialogue “Nikal Lawde! Pehli Fursat me Nikal!”.

But, in a recent video published by Deepak Kalal, he abused Hindustani Bhau! He also added that social media is not for abusing! But irony is Deepak Kalal was also using abuse words in his video.

After his video, our Hindustani Bhau also reply to Deepak Kalal in his own way. Infact, he nailed this time!

Valuable Words From this Video…
1 ) Half Biryani
2 ) Gudd Chale
3 ) Sharif Laude ka
4 ) Tera Uthta hai re bhadve ?
5 ) kitni shakkar khai re tere maa ne Jo tu Kanya Rashi Paida hui ?
6 ) Gudd Chale Rakhi Sawant ke saath karne ka
7 ) Apni Maa Udhar Chuda
8 ) Utta hai Tera Utta hai ?
9 ) Suna tu Kutto se bhi Chudwata hai
10) Gaand me Ungli Mat kar warna Pura Ka Pura Haat Daalega mai ?
11) And the Best one….Hatt Teri maka Bhosda

We all are waiting for the Deepak Kalal response after this video. The trolling fight between both the legends is going to be epic. Stay tuned!

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