People are requesting ICC to play audio of Hindustani Bhau on dismissal in cricket world cup

Memes Trend may come and go, but the act of memeing will never die as long as the Internet exists. This summer we had already seen many memes trend like JCB , 14 year old nigga and “oh-shit here we go again” etc.

But now-a-days, a new meme trend has arrived which is little bit slangy. The reason behind this meme trend is Hindustani Bhau which seems like Munna Bhai Of Parallel Universe. Infact of copy-cat of Munna Bhai, he has created million of fans because of his original slangy voice and dialogues such as “Nikal Lawde! Pehli fursat me nikal”. Our Hindustani Bhau has trolled lot of people including Javed Akhtar, Pakistani Cricket Team and lot more.

Mostly people are also saying him Shahid Alvi of 2019 because he is also down to earth and wear simple clothes. Infact like Shahid bhai, he also don’t hesitate to abuse someone. Arey bhai bhai bhai!!


But his die-hard fans had become problem for BCCI. According to BCCI, many people message them in their social media’s account to request ICC that on every dismissal in cricket world cup 2019, they should play a voice clip of Hindustani Bhau saying “Nikal Lawde! Pehli fursat me nikal”.

While some people are claiming that the voice of Hindustani Bhau have ability to turn back the rain also. According to them during overcast conditions in matches when there is more chances of rain, on shouting “Nikal Lawde! Pehli fursat me nikal” can turn back the clouds.

As per the resources, ICC on request of BCCI will make people to say “Nikal Lawde! Pehli fursat me nikal” during upcoming matches to check whether it is true or not!


If you think that on saying “Nikal Lawde! Pehli fursat me nikal”, can turn back the clouds and prevent the upcoming matches by being affected by the rain, share this article to your friends to tell them a good news!

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