If IPL Cricketers Were Avenger Characters, Who Would They be? Take A Look

Cricketers are like superheroes in our country, where every cricket fan looks upon them whenever our national team is in a spot of bother. Like superheroes they are celebrated for their victories and deeply criticized when they fail. Here are some IPL cricketers, whom I would like to ascribe as superheroes, given how passionately cricket is followed in India.

Captain America – Dhoni

image source: Quora

MS Dhoni is that captain cool who can not only get the job done by himself, but also lead a team to achieve whatever it has set out to. An able leader, he can get all the various members of his team to bring their best talents to the table, and knows how to utilise them effectively. Just like Captain America does with the Avengers.

Iron Man – Virat Kohli

image source: quora

If there is one bad a** and arrogant cricketer in world cricket right now, it is Virat Kohli, and therefore perfectly fits with Iron Man. Both heroes may be arrogant, but they are still loved by everyone, especially because they put their money where their mouth is and get the job done, and in style.

Hawkeye – Jasprit Bumrah


Hawkeye is known for his sharp shooting with his sling of arrows, and Jasprit Bumrah uses a slingy action to deliver his toe-crushers. I think that’s a fair enough similarity, don’t you think?

Hulk – Chris Gayle

image source: quora

This is perhaps perfectly apt, especially the Green Monster. In international cricket, Chris Gayle epitomises Bruce Banner, practically harmless. But when it comes to franchise cricket, where all the green is, he is most definitely The Hulk, destroying bowling attacks at will.

Thor – Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma wields his bat like Thor wields his Hammer. He’s reached most milestones by hitting sixes with his powerful batting strokes. Though, He’s definitely missing Thor’s beautiful hair. *wink*

Spiderman – Rashid Khan


Rashid Khan spins the ball to beat the batsmen as well as Spiderman spins his web to save the day.

Black Panther – Dwayne Bravo

Comic book fans who are familiar with the Black Panther know that he is the resident superhero of the entire country of “Wakanda.” Similarly, Dwayne Bravo is carrying Chennai Super King’s on his shoulders with his match winning performance.

QuickSilver – Trent Boult

This one needs no explanation. Trent Boult known for his blistering pace and wicket taking deliveries, but he’s also proven time and again that there is more to him than just his speed. After all, he is the purple cap holder in IPL 2018 till present date i.e. 29 April.

What do you think of this list? Can you think of any other IPL Cricketer and his superhero counterpart? Do let us know in the comments.