This Imaginary Fairy Tale Of The Discovery Of Electron Seems Real

Electron was discovered by J. J. Thomson in 1897 when he was studying the properties of cathode ray. He also won the Noble Prize for this. But, there is also a imaginary story of the discovery of electron which almost seems real.

image source: getty images

Once there was a fairy, named electron. She used to live in a tiny house (ATOM) along with
Her brothers and sisters (NEUTRON AND PROTON) respectively. They used to hate her and kept her away from themselves. They would not leave her free . She used to do a lot of work ,kept revolving around the house and always on high energy state.

Sometimes she got too tired that she spun herself. Then one day scientists had mercy in her and sent voltages for her help. They were named positive and negative voltage . Although they were opposite in nature but there only aim was to set electron free from bond . They both worked with great coordination and took out electron from that tiny atom.

But her suffering don’t end here ; electronic world had planned something else for her . She stayed in capacitor orphanage ; she was safe and went for inductor university for her higher studies. She got certified for her research work in development of magnetic field. Her life kept oscillating between capacitor and inductor.

Then there comes the stage for her marriage. She belonged to the metal caste. But was ready for inter-caste also. Only three castes prevailed at that time metals non metals and semiconductors. She choose semiconductor family for better compatibility and married hole. They together build up diode family,which became most essential part of electronic world . Their characterstic were so dynamic that they gave birth to transistors. This is how tiny electron contributes to the biggest digital world.