Indian PUBG gamer made his Chinese Teammate say “Hindustan Zindabad” before reviving

Not only in the Army, A patriotic one can be found anywhere and similarly, patriotism can also be shown anywhere. You don’t need to be present at the border to become patriotic.

The same way, an Indian PUBG mobile gamer creates a different way of showing patriotism. While playing PUBG with a random Chinese teammate, he didn’t revive his Chinese teammate and made him say “Hindustan Zindabad” before saving his life in PUBG.

While talking to CISTHETA reporter, our patriotic Indian PUBG gamer said “I request all our Indian PUBG players that it is our patriotic duty not to revive Chinese and Pakistani players before hearing Hindustan Zindabad from them. ”

He is thankful that he creates a unique way of showing patriotism and it can be the inspiration of millions of Indian PUBG players. He is also thinking big and his next target is to make 1000 Chinese players saying Hindustan Zindabad.