India’s First 150 Million Year Old Jurassic ‘Sea Monster’ Was Just Discovered

Recently a historic sea monster buried for hunded and fifty million years has been discovered by Indian researchers, and the first time that an Ichthyosaur (Greek for “fish lizard”) skeleton from the Jurassic period has ever been found in India.

Ichthyosaurs have been ocean-residing predators that lived alongside dinosaurs in the Mesozoic era from around 250 million years in the past, and while numerous fossils have been unearthed in the north the United States and Europe, finding a genuine whole skeleton in India took researchers by wonder.

Source-National Geographic

“That is an incredible discovery,” explains paleontologist Guntupalli Prasad from the University of Delhi.

“Not simplest due to the fact it’s by far the first Jurassic ichthyosaur from India, however additionally it throws light at the evolution and diversity of ichthyosaurs inside the Indo-Madagascan vicinity of the former Gondwanaland and India’s organic connectivity with other continents in the Jurassic.”

The specimen, which the team discovered is a member of the Ophthalmosauridae family of ichthyosaurs so named because of its extremely large eyes were uncovered last year near the village of Lodai, in India’s Gujarat.The well-preserved skeleton is only missing some front and tail parts, and the team estimates the total length of the creature would have been around 5.5 meters.