IPL 2018: RCB gives Twitterati 10 Reasons to have a Laugh

Virat Kohli is the only lone fighter who has managed to keep hopes alive in the tournament for RCB. Royal Challengers Bangalore has been having a nightmare of a season in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018. Their hopes of making it to the IPL 2018 playoff stage are vanishing after every loss. And here it is..where Twitterati trollers come. They just need a reason to troll something…but unfortunately RCB gives twitter more than one reason to troll him. Here are some of the funniest tweets.

When it comes to troll RCB this girl took all the points 

Other ipl teams to rcb :- pata hai tum log ipl cup kaha haarey
Rcb team & fans :- kaha
Other ipl team :- auction mai hi

You don’t have to troll RCB fans. Being a fan of RCB is itself a troll & inexpressible pain in the ass. 11 years & counting. Acclimatized.


Official RCB channel trolling Sarfraraz.

Me after losing all my money on RCB

Destiny find a way to troll #RCB even when they are not playing.


Only RCB bowlers have the power to get out of form batsman to the best form of their life.


Usse bhi bade madarchod
Fir aate Hain RCB Ke haarne per Anushka Sharma lo troll Karne wale

Troll free number of RCB