Iran requested India to give them masked goons for World War 3

Not even a week into 2020 and already shitty things start happening. All these fires in Australia, tension between America and Iran which could lead to World War 3 and now the attack on JNU college by masked goons on Sunday night in which almost 24 people injured including students and teachers.

After all the violence happened in JNU, people from all over World are now protesting against this shameful act. And it is necessary because if you are not protesting against this, either you don’t have humanity or you are standing with the killers.

Because such type of violence has never happened before due to which the whole world is so shocked that how a group of masked goons can do terror attack on a university and no one came forward to help them.

But IRAN seems impressed by the unBEATABLE performance of masked goons at JNU college and therefore, Iran president Hassan Rouhani requested India to give them masked goons during World War 3 which makes them a little stronger side against America.

And after this trade, Iran believed that America will think twice before attacking them. If you also believe that, sending all these masked goons to Iran make both the countries more peaceful, share this article! is the official website of Commonsense is seriously complex. Our articles are strictly for entertainment purposes. Explore our “About” page for more information. For more content, check our Facebook Page or give us a follow on Instagram.