Why ‘JCB ki khudai’ Memes on Trending? Check Here

When you were offline for more than 18 hours and now all you can see on social media is “JCB ki khudai“. And you thinking like what the fuckin shit is going on? Believe me! we also can’t figure out the evolution of this.

But, we have some rumours that “JCB ki khudai” comes in trend because of the controversial statement of one of the MP’s of Hyderabad. He stated about the employment issue in India that, “India me berozgaari itni hai ki log JCB ka kahi kaam chal raha hota hai to vo dekhne bheed ikhatti kar lete hai“.

After his statement, local Facebook groups of that particular area started creating memes on that and after that many meme pages(we also) start making memes on “JCB ki khudai” without knowing why. So we took part in this JCB storm and found the best memes on it, just to make your day!


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